Hi, I’m Karla.

Wanna elegantly build your business without looking like a salesy weirdo, grow your team using state-of-the-art social selling and marketing strategies, all while growing your income and impact so you can make sales in your sleep and (finally) live the life you want to live?

Oh GOOD. That’s my jam.

Let me get something out of the way… I’m not your typical “success guru.” I arrived where I am simply because I worked, and worked hard…

…and figured some stuff out.

I don’t walk around all day in a beautiful dress, jet off to St. Tropez on the weekends, or drive a Maserati.

You can usually find me in jeans or a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, living my gloriously imperfect life.

I’m an entrepreneur. I mentor people who want to change the world with their businesses and their passion and make money doing that. I host events and train people how to create wealth in their businesses soulfully and strategically on the internet.

I’m interested in A LOT of things. I live with as much passion and awareness as I can. And I’ve created a pretty cool business and life, I must say. But many of the techniques and tools I use to create this life aren’t found among the usual stuff online that tells you how to succeed.

That’s because most teach how to build a business online, but I teach you how to build a heart-centered network marketing business online. I do things a little differently.

Most likely, you’re a lot like me. This doesn’t mean that you wear t-shirts all the time. (But maybe you are. And maybe you do!) It means that you are genuinely interested in building a wildly successful heart-centered business on your terms. 

Your path to success and prosperity simply simply simply simply must be authentic and soul-driven, and not measured by anyone else’s definition of success.

And I love that.

Here’s the official bio, written in the 3rd person – because that way, it doesn’t sound conceited at all. 😉

Karla has reached the top ranks of 6 network marketing companies, all without pitching her friends and family, going to meetings, parties, cold messaging people on social, or any of that hoo ha.

She’s written two best-selling books (one with Brian Tracy).

Owned her own network marketing company. (She didn’t really like that gig.)

Been voted into the Top 50 Internet Marketers in the Direct Sales industry.

Karla has created some of the most popular digital courses in the network marketing industry, including Top Producer Academy, Social Automate It, and others, PLUS she runs a high-level coaching program, “Top Producer Mastermind.”

Karla also holds some of the industry’s most attended online livestreams, Top Producer Roadmap.

When she not bossing people around in her business, or taking care of her clients and students, Karla likes traveling, eating in great restaurants, or spending time with her ever-tolerant husband. She speaks English fluently (her first language), and knows how to make reservations and order food in more than 5 other languages.

Karla lives in Palm Springs, California, and sometimes, in August, when it’s 118 degrees… wonders why.